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I saved this message, see if this helps:
Subject: Re: [jfw-users] Adobe Flash Player and labeling the buttons

See if the notes below will, getter done:
From: Carlos
While the button/control you want to label has focus, press Insert+F2 and select
"Prompt Create"
From: Kimsan
Hmm, I didn’t see prompt create after pressing insert f2.  Custom labels will do the trick, and lable links and buttons.
I would focus on the button, CTRL insert tab, then fill out the information and click ok/save or whatever the button is. I’m thinking it will be an ok
Kimsan Song
From: Carlos
They are similar options.  In a browser, you will see an item named
"Custom Label"
for labeling HTML controls.  In an application, you would use
"Prompt Create"
If your browser has focus, you will not see the
"Prompt Create"
option in the list since it is used for labeling controls in an application.

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Subject: Labeling unlabelled buttons with JAWS


How to achieve it? I have tried with Ins+CTRL+Tab when the JAWS button was positioned on a button, I tried Insert+G but nothing worked… Is it possible?



Arkadiusz Świętnicki AKA. Nuno


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