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JM Casey

Hey guys.

I think we are pretty clear and this is pretty straightforward. It’s a certification available from FS themselves on their website. It really is not a big deal. Like I said, I took it because my employer pushed it – otherwise, I might not have bothered. I’d only include it on a resumé if I was pushing training expertise somehow. To be honest it’s not something I am vastly interested in so I don’t really mind falling behind in renewing the certification. But it could help some people. No harm in taking the test, anyway – if you really want to work in this field.




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This reminds me of my favorite definition of the word expert by the late folk singer, Bruce U. Utah Phillips.

An x is a has been, and a spirt is a drip under pressure.


A true certification in Jaws from Freedom Scientific is likely worth something, but beware of any offered by another group without investigating whether they are legitimately offering a certification with the endorsement from Freedom Scientific.



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I never forgot what a certified dog trainer told me.  She touts herself on her website as being certified and specializing in working with aggressive dogs. It turns out she’d never worked with aggressive dogs and got everything online.  Yet another person calls himself certified, he attended the class for 2 weeks at that.  By doing that he calls himself certified yet the course is 6 months long and the 2 week period is to see if you like or want, to take the course.  Further another person said he was qualified to help in building a WordPress blog for a price of course.  His spelling and grammar was so atrocious, I mused if he was that disinterested in his spelling and grammar when writing things such as emails, how could he be a qualified instructor.  Point?  A letter of certification could have the worth of toilet paper. Knowing how to do something is one thing, actually being able to do it is quite another.    

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