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Dean Martineau <topdot@...>

I doubt the JAWS certification will help you get any jobs, but maybe somebody will respect it. If you’re trying to market yourself as a trainer on a private basis, perhaps having this and other certifications will impress somebody enough to get them to give you some work, but, again, I doubt it.





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Subject: Re: Is it worth certifying in JAWS?




I got this training certification due to my previous employer, who wanted everyone in the iT department to be certified. I didn’t pay for it and I didn’t find the exam too difficult (though I did run out of time before completing the first time through), however  I’m not really sure I’d have bothered getting the paper if it hadn’t been covered. As said before, it really depends on what you are interested in doing. I don’t really think it will get you any jobs anywhere. But it may help to inspire confidence in others that you have passed the exam and are thus “qualified” in the eyees of FS to train in the use of their product. If that is important to you, go for it. I was certified at the end of 2016 when JAWS 18 was the new thing; I haven’t renewed so I’m already quite a bit behind.




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Subject: Is it worth certifying in JAWS?



I wanted to do a certificate in JAWS, but it is worth the trouble? Can I get some jobs with the cert if I am not in the U. S?



Arkadiusz Świętnicki AKA. Nuno


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