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If only it had been that simple! My husband has worked on the computer for almost three hours but finally been able to restore everything to how it was. He has explained it to me, but I confess to being as ignorant as when he started, but the bottom line was something to do with the security settings in Windows.




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Alt+tab and back.

Unload Jaws and reload it.

Or, as was also suggested, reboot your system.




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Subject: Jaws suddenly isn't speaking in word 365


I was editting a document on my windows10 computer when jaws went silent. Any suggestions?  

by Alison may

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If your role will be to train others to use jaws, working in the rehabilitation industry or will be writing jaws Scripps  certification may be helpful, however in other industries not sure how useful it would be.


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I wanted to do a certificate in JAWS, but it is worth the trouble? Can I get some jobs with the cert if I am not in the U. S?



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