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David Griffith

Maybe you should try doing it with Narrator enable and not enabled to see if that also makes a difference.


I am trying it out myself but on my mechanical keyboard  windows insert and F4 is quite a finger stretch.


David Griffith


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From: Tim Ford
Sent: 07 March 2020 22:12
Subject: Re: unload and reload Jaws?


Interesting, I just tried it again, this time counting, and it took around 8 seconds total from the time I pressed the key command to when JAWS started up again.  That is quite a wide difference.   




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Sent: Saturday, March 7, 2020 2:04 PM
Subject: Re: unload and reload Jaws?


I just tried this and it took about 25 seconds for JAWS to start back up.

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From: Tim Ford

Sent: Saturday, March 7, 2020 4:41 PM

Subject: Re: unload and reload Jaws?


I just tried the jaws + windows key + F4, and it works well.  It does not give you the usual screen when exiting JAWS, which was at first confusing because it takes 5-10 seconds before speech stops.  JAWS then restarts very quickly, much faster than usual when starting JAWS, maybe 3 seconds or so.  I like it!


Tim Ford



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Subject: Re: unload and reload Jaws?


The Control Alt J still works for me when I want to load Jaws.  However, I have noticed when pressing Insert Windows J, it hesitates to reload.  Sometimes, it doesn’t reload.


                .                               Melissa


From: JM Casey
Sent: Saturday, March 7, 2020 2:52 PM
Subject: Re: unload and reload Jaws?


Have actually noticed this as well, oddly enough...

Must have something to do with accessibility api (if that's the correct terminology) becoming frozen for one reason or another. Would be  interesting to see if someone can verify this and provide a more technical explanation.




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From: <> On Behalf Of David Griffith

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Subject: Re: unload and reload Jaws?


I really think you may have hit upon something  here.

I too have noticed that when Jaws becomes unresponsive if I turn on Narrator  then pretty quickly Jaws comes back to life and starts talking as well, whereupon  I can turn Narrator off again.


This can happen for example if I am using Mp3Gain to increase the volume of a large number of mp3 files. This is an activity which Jaws does not seem to like and can often become unresponsive during the process.


I had put this apparent ability to unlock Jaws using Narrator down to coincidence  but given  your experience also there may be something happening when turning Narrator  on which is, behind the scenes, unlocking  some kind of log jam in Jaws.


David Griffith



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Sent: 07 March 2020 16:09


Subject: Re: unload and reload Jaws?


I find this key combo works much more slowly in JAWS 2020 than in previous versions. The funny thing is that lately I've found a way to get JAWS to reload more quickly is to start Narrator with control-windows key-enter. For some reason, this seems to inspire JAWS also to load, at which point I toggle Narrator off with the same keystroke. I haven't read about this workaround anywhere. I just noticed it happening once, and then it happened several times after that. Probably not consistent.


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From: <> On Behalf Of David Griffith

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Subject: Re: unload and reload Jaws?



I have just tried it and yes it does work so thanks for the information.

Unfortunately, as you say it is very slow compared to the equivalent in NVDA but it is still a good option to use when Jaws starts to struggle. I will experiment and try it out over the next few weeks.

Thanks again to Bill for  this keystroke.

David Griffith.

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From: <> On Behalf Of Dan Longmore

Sent: 07 March 2020 15:48


Subject: Re: unload and reload Jaws?


Yes, that does work.  Why I thought it did not work was because JAWS took a long time to reload.  Then again, it's JAWS.




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Subject: Re: unload and reload Jaws?


Bill's right, the keystroke is insert+windows+f4 to unload and reload JAWS. did you try it Dan?



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From: Dan Longmore [mailto:danlongmore44@...]

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Date: Friday, March 6, 2020, 7:18 PM

Subject: unload and reload Jaws?

No, this combination quits JAWS and dumps from memory but a manual re start from shortcut key or other options is required.




*From:* <> *On Behalf Of *Bill White

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*Subject:* Re: unload and reload Jaws?


Hi, David. Try the following keystroke to unload and reload JAWS:


JAWS key plus WinKey plus F4.


Bill White


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*From:* <> [] *On Behalf Of *David Griffith

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*Subject:* Re: unload and reload Jaws?


Not here.


I have ben using Jaws since 1999 and in all this time this keystroke  on my systems only unloads Jaws but does not restart it.


David Griffith


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*Subject: *Re: unload and reload Jaws?


jaws already has this option.


press the jaws key and f4. this will unload and reload it.


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From: David Griffith


Sent: Friday, March 06, 2020 3:42 PM


To: <>


Subject: Re: unload and reload Jaws?


Personally as   a feature request I would prefer that Jaws has the same


behaviour as NVDA. That is, with NVDA running pressing control alt and N will


close and restart NVDA in one operation without any further intervention. Jaws


should do the same thing  with control alt J.


This NVDA feature is very useful if for any reason NVDA has stalled or speech


has been lost. It clears up these problems quickly and nicely as NVDA instantly


restarts itself with this forced restart.


In contrast if Jaws stalls you have to first of all try and shut it down and


then try to re-load it. The exception to this is if Jaws itself recognises that


it has crashed in which case it will sometimes restart itself  without any


intervention from the user. The drawback  it that it normally takes quite a


time to come to this conclusion.


Shutting down Jaws within one session in these circumstances is also not always


straightforward. Occasionally I have ended up with multiple Jaws icons on my


system tray as previous version have clearly failed to completely unload, even


though only one instance of Jaws is talking.


A computer restart is normally required to remove these multiple ghost


instances of Jaws.


I would much prefer NVDA’s  one shortcut approach  which in my experience never


results in multiple versions of NVDA trying to run in the background.


David Griffith


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From: ben


Sent: 06 March 2020 22:56


To: <>


Subject: Re: unload and reload Jaws?




The two ways I restart JAWS are as follows:


One, press the Windows key and the letter r to bring up the run box. Type


jaws2020 and press enter. JAWS should come up talking.


Two, press the windows key and the letter m to bring up the desktop.

Press j


for JAWS and press enter. The only thing to remember with the desktop method is


if you have other things that start with j on your desktop, you might land on


one of those.


I hope this helps.


On Mar 6, 2020, at 2:59 PM, Andrew J. LaPointe <alapointe89@... <mailto:alapointe89@...>> wrote:



Hi, I was using qread and decided to unload jaws (jaws key f4.  When I wanted


to reload jaws, I used control alt and j and it didn’t work.  Is there a new


way of reloading Jaws now?  I am using the latest jaws 20.  What I had to do


was shut the computer and restart and Jaws loaded at startup.  Thank you for


your help.  Also, I am most likely getting a used Romeo Printer at Humanware.


Thanks to everyone that helped me sort all this…you are all great!!

Andy and




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