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Tim Ford

I am confused about the suggestion. The JAWS key and F4 just does the uninstall, not starting again. Am I missing something?

Tim Ford

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Subject: Re: unload and reload Jaws?

Hmm, I have always unloaded jaws by jaws key f4. To reload, I just go to the search box in the start menu and type jaws press enter.

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jaws already has this option.
press the jaws key and f4. this will unload and reload it.

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From: David Griffith
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Subject: Re: unload and reload Jaws?

Personally as a feature request I would prefer that Jaws has the same
behaviour as NVDA. That is, with NVDA running pressing control alt and N will
close and restart NVDA in one operation without any further intervention. Jaws
should do the same thing with control alt J.

This NVDA feature is very useful if for any reason NVDA has stalled or speech
has been lost. It clears up these problems quickly and nicely as NVDA instantly
restarts itself with this forced restart.

In contrast if Jaws stalls you have to first of all try and shut it down and
then try to re-load it. The exception to this is if Jaws itself recognises that
it has crashed in which case it will sometimes restart itself without any
intervention from the user. The drawback it that it normally takes quite a
time to come to this conclusion.

Shutting down Jaws within one session in these circumstances is also not always
straightforward. Occasionally I have ended up with multiple Jaws icons on my
system tray as previous version have clearly failed to completely unload, even
though only one instance of Jaws is talking.

A computer restart is normally required to remove these multiple ghost
instances of Jaws.

I would much prefer NVDA’s one shortcut approach which in my experience never
results in multiple versions of NVDA trying to run in the background.

David Griffith

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The two ways I restart JAWS are as follows:

One, press the Windows key and the letter r to bring up the run box. Type
jaws2020 and press enter. JAWS should come up talking.

Two, press the windows key and the letter m to bring up the desktop. Press j
for JAWS and press enter. The only thing to remember with the desktop method is
if you have other things that start with j on your desktop, you might land on
one of those.

I hope this helps.

On Mar 6, 2020, at 2:59 PM, Andrew J. LaPointe <> wrote:

Hi, I was using qread and decided to unload jaws (jaws key f4. When I wanted
to reload jaws, I used control alt and j and it didn’t work. Is there a new
way of reloading Jaws now? I am using the latest jaws 20. What I had to do
was shut the computer and restart and Jaws loaded at startup. Thank you for
your help. Also, I am most likely getting a used Romeo Printer at Humanware.
Thanks to everyone that helped me sort all this…you are all great!! Andy and

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