moderated Re: Finding the ip addresss of a computer?

Rick Mladek

She is attempting to connect to one of her computers, maybe work/maybe not, however, this is not a computer within her LAN. She is needing step by step instructions to connect the two. Don’t as why, if you know, give her the steps. This has gone on too long. If you do not know how to connect, using a 3rd-party app as team viewer, I believe it is called, or another. Worry not about what she is doing or attempting to do. Worry not why she is attempting to do this. If you can, giver step one, step two and on and on in clear detail. Otherwise, lets end this thread please.


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What is it, precisely, that you're trying to accomplish here?  And using what program or instructions?

Any of a million things can ask for the things  you're asking about and it would make it much easier to help if one has the whole picture.

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