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James Homuth

The thing to be concerned about with XP isn't from an accessibility
standpoint, but the fact Microsoft won't actually support it in 3 years, and
there's no guarantee Freedom Scientific will either. So, you'd just be
upgrading the OS at that time anyway. There's no real major obsticles to
Windows 7 with JAWS, and most of the major programs, even a few older
versions of those programs, will work on 7. Case in point, this reply is
being written on a Windows 7 laptop running Office 2003 and JAWS 12. Your
only problem is going to be older hardware, but since you're getting a new
laptop anyway, I wouldn't much worry about that.

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There are advantages and disadvantages to both. I prefer XP, but mainly
because I'm a big Total Recorder user, and XP lets me keep Jaws out of
whatever I'm recording, and 7 does not. I'm also more use to XP, but they're
not as different as you might think. I tried 7 for a couple weeks and had
little trouble getting use to it. My main concern with XP is whether I'll be
able to find drivers for newer hardware.Where are you getting this laptop? I
can't find anyone offering XP on a new machine.
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I may be soon migrating (disassociating?) to Windows 7 on my work
machine as it's time for a new laptop. Do any of you feel it incumbent
to stop me before I do something regretful? I do have the option of
having my new laptop fitted with XP Pro, 32-bit. Henceforth my request
for your sage advice, everyone.

Dave Carlson
Written with grammatical care, punctuation, and capitalization because
I care about readers of my mail. From my soon-to-not-be Dell Latitude
630 in the general vicinity of my Audio Recording and Mixing Studios,
San Francisco Bay Area.

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