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on the desktop find the jaws icon and then press alt plus enter. now tab to the shortcut fieled and press j. now tab to OK and press it. alt ctrl j will start jaws.

On 3/6/2020 1:20 PM, Andrew J. LaPointe wrote:
How do you refine the hot keys alt control and j? I also tried the windows key r and typed jaws2020 and that worked...thank you to the reply that gave me that information.. I just thought that the hot keys would be quicker Thank you Andy and Shubert

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jaws key and j.
control alt j is the shortcut keys to load jaws from the desktop icon. when jaws is installed this shortcut is removed and you have to re define it again.
then you will be able to either shortcuts to bring up the jaws dialog to quit the program.

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Subject: unload and reload Jaws?

Hi, I was using qread and decided to unload jaws (jaws key f4. When I wanted
to reload jaws, I used control alt and j and it didn’t work. Is there a new
way of reloading Jaws now? I am using the latest jaws 20. What I had to do
was shut the computer and restart and Jaws loaded at startup. Thank you for
your help. Also, I am most likely getting a used Romeo Printer at Humanware.
Thanks to everyone that helped me sort all this…you are all great!! Andy and

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