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Andrew J. LaPointe

Hi, thanks so much for this info.  I called Humanware and gave me prices and the contact to someone that can give me details on the Romeo and julliette emboses.  Andy and Shubert


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The current manufacturer of the Romeo and Julilette braille embossers are handled by Humanware. They took over sales and servicing from Enabling Technology, Inc. over about 10 years ago.


They do have phone tech support and offices in the United States, based in New York. Go to their website for more information.





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What company produces the Juliett and Romeo Printers?  Are they still in business you think?  Thank you for this information.  Andy and Shubert


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I have a Juliet that’s about 20 years old and I downloaded a copy of braille blaster software for it.  I bought a a serial to U.S.B. cable.  The only thing I still have to figure out are the margins.  Using that free software enabled me to not even both with the old version of Duxbury. 

When I have more time, I’ll play with the margins.  Just jsomething to consider.



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                Hello, I want to find a used Braille Printer within reasonable price.   I would prefer interpoint but, not absolutely necessary.  Of course, a new printer would be nice, the cost is not.  Does anyone have a suggestion on a BRL printer tht won’t fall apart before my eyes?

I know where I can borrow one but, it is about 12-15 years old and is either parallel or seriel port.  I am looking around for a converter cable to USB and it is not recommended.  Not even sure if I can find the drivers.  Thanks for any help here.  Andy and Shubert


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