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Andrew J. LaPointe

Can you give me an idea of cost? Also, how sharp is the braille? Thank you for replying. Andy and Shubert

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I recommend you using Basic-DV5 braille embosser I have one and happy with it

On 3/6/20, Andrew J. LaPointe <> wrote:
Hello, I want to find a used Braille Printer within
reasonable price. I would prefer interpoint but, not absolutely
Of course, a new printer would be nice, the cost is not. Does anyone
have a suggestion on a BRL printer tht won't fall apart before my

I know where I can borrow one but, it is about 12-15 years old and is
either parallel or seriel port. I am looking around for a converter
cable to USB and it is not recommended. Not even sure if I can find
the drivers.
for any help here. Andy and Shubert

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