Re: Training on iPhone was outlook crashing


I just finished my paperwork to go to Baloxi for the Iphone. It's a new
facility and hopefully there won't be a long wait.

Reader had gotten to the point the Nokia was unstable and resetting it self
frequently. I somehow managed to leave it in the waiting area of the
Pulminary Clinic a couple of weeks ago. I missed it before we left the
hospital but couldn't find it. No one tried to use it so I didn't lose the
money I had on my Go Phone account.

I've heard you can cut down the SIM card from a prepaid cell service and use
it in the Iphone on a prepaid account. Hope that is true.

We probably should keep in touch about training at the different centers.


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I am going up to Palo alto, Ca next to San Jose. The Veterans have a Blind
Rehab Center up there and they are doing the training for it.

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