moderated Re: Greetings and Kaspersky Total Security with JAWS

Emre Rencber

Hello. I also use Kaspersky Total Security. I have no problems other
than accessibility. The installation of the program is in no way
accessible. Also, as you said, the navigation in the interface is only
provided with a touch pointer. I have been trying to convey these
issues to the Kaspersky developer team for years. Unfortunately, the
problem they solved in one version comes back in the next version. I
must say that it doesn't work properly with NVDA either. I want
Kaspersky to be accessible, too.

2020-03-03 23:47 GMT+03:00, Arkadiusz Świętnicki <>:

Hello guys!

Thank you for letting me in in to your groups! I am a JAWS user from
primarily interested in programming, sound design and other things. I have
came here to discuss this great screenreader with you, ask questions and
help others to the best of my ability.

The first problem I have noticed and wanted to discuss is JAWS support for
the Kaspersky Total Security package. I use this software and it is
essential for me to have this one pretty wellaccessible.. The competing
screenreader works with it OK, however JAWS has its problems. Tab and
Shift+Tab seem not to work at all while I am in the PC Cursor mode. I have
to use the touch cursor to operate the software, and it is not always
convenient to use this specific cursor.

Moreover this behavior is very illogical to me, as KTS's interface seems to
be standard WPF or something of that sorts.

Maybe I am doing something wrong (I'm pretty new to JFW, I use it for less
than a year).


Arkadiusz Świętnicki AKA. Nuno

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