moderated Re: Cannot toggle capslock while in laptop mode?

Kimber Gardner

Since the caps lock functions as the jaws key in laptop layout you have to hit caps lock twice to envoke the caps lock then twice more to turn it off.

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On Mar 4, 2020, at 4:16 PM, Arkadiusz Świętnicki <nuno69a@...> wrote:

Yes, the capslock is toggled, but no speech prompt is given.

Arkadiusz Świętnicki AKA. Nuno

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has he tried pressing the caps lock key twice quickly? that should do it.

Legend has it that on Wednesday 3/4/20 01:52 PM, Arkadiusz Świętnicki said:
Hi friends!
Lol its me again. I have recommended JFW to my friend, but he cannot
use capslock effectively as the JFW key! When he sets it as the JAWS
key, he cannot toggle it on and off…

Arkadiusz ¦wiêtnicki AKA. Nuno


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