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Glenn / Lenny

The only thing I ever had trouble with in using PayPal is the resolution of a bad transaction, where I needed to get refunded.
I had to finish the process via telephone, and that was all automated.

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To add to the suggestions in the thread below, you might try any of the following:

Maximize the webpage and then press JAWS key+escape to “repaint” it.

Unload and reload JAWS.

Unload JAWS 2020 and, if you have one on your system, try an earlier version. I recently noticed that JAWS 18 can accomplish some tasks that JAWS 2020 won’t.

If you haven’t already, reboot your system and start over.

For the record, I haven’t recently had accessibility problems with PayPal, but I may not have needed to execute this particular command.

PayPal has, or used to have, a recognize accessible technology expert on staff. If you can’t resolve this problem, I’m guessing they’d be receptive to working with you, especially with cancelling this transaction.

I’m sorry you’re experiencing such frustration. It’s awful when you reach the button you need and it won’t work.


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Hi Norma,

Have you tried the space bar on the button?

Also, did you do insert + F5 and down arrow to the desired button?

Another thing to try is to get to the button and do insert + #3 (above the E key) which is enter key to pass through

and then try enter and/or space bar.



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Just tried it, seems to do nothing. Thanks none the less, Norma



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Have you tried a simulated left mouse click?


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Hey group,


I’m using Jaws 2020 and I’ve tried to activate a menu button on Paypal. Specifically, it’s in Invoice Activity. I’ve tried with Edge, Firefox 72.0.1  and Chrome 80.0.3987.122. Here’s the speech history:


Column 10
Button‑ 
button menu‑ collapsed‑
Column 11


I’ve tried PC, Jaws and Touch cursors and from the list of buttons. It doesn’t open a menu, it just takes me to the detail page of the selected invoice. (No go with NVDA, either, for what it’s worth.)

I need to cancel the invoice, and I read that option is in this menu I can’t get to open.

Ideas will be most welcome.




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