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Glenn / Lenny

Hi Norma,
Have you tried the space bar on the button?
Also, did you do insert + F5 and down arrow to the desired button?
Another thing to try is to get to the button and do insert + #3 (above the E key) which is enter key to pass through
and then try enter and/or space bar.

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Just tried it, seems to do nothing. Thanks none the less, Norma



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Have you tried a simulated left mouse click?


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Subject: Unable to activate button


Hey group,


I’m using Jaws 2020 and I’ve tried to activate a menu button on Paypal. Specifically, it’s in Invoice Activity. I’ve tried with Edge, Firefox 72.0.1  and Chrome 80.0.3987.122. Here’s the speech history:


Column 10
Button‑ 
button menu‑ collapsed‑
Column 11


I’ve tried PC, Jaws and Touch cursors and from the list of buttons. It doesn’t open a menu, it just takes me to the detail page of the selected invoice. (No go with NVDA, either, for what it’s worth.)

I need to cancel the invoice, and I read that option is in this menu I can’t get to open.

Ideas will be most welcome.




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