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james hooper

Kind of an offshoot if say one has a stream on their vic and they want the urhl how can  this be accomplished.


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Sent: Monday, March 02, 2020 8:53 AM
Subject: Re: How to get the URL of a streaming radio?


There are several methods of varying complexity including  looking at Page source code but before trying any of that I would suggest installing Tapin Radio on your PC.


Just using Tapin might meet your needs but you can also use it to get station URLs.

  1. Search for the station you require in Tapin.
  2. Test that the station works by starting it playing. Once you know it actually works tab to the stop button and then back to the station name.
  3. Bring up the context menu with the application key and select properties. Jaws should start reading out the properties  automatically but in the event it does not you can then use jaws plus B  to force a read of the dialogue.
  4. Use jaws plus space followed by H to bring up speech history.
  5. Reviewing the speech history you can then find a line which says stream URL and from this line you can copy and paste this URL to create a m3u file or whatever you want to do with it.

Note the Plextalk is getting long in the tooth now and does not support all modern streams. So you might well find a stream which works in Tapin WinAmp or more likely VLC but not on the Plextalk. WinAmp supports most streams also but not as much, in my experience, as a more recent version of VLC does.


David Griffith



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Sent: 02 March 2020 15:40
Subject: How to get the URL of a streaming radio?




Is there a way to get the URL from some of my local radio stations so that I can put them into a playlist file?


I found a BBC web site listing the full URL addresses for many local and short wave stations.

I can put each URL in a separate .m3u file and with its shortcut on the desktop, WinAmp starts streaming the station. Using these m3u files, my PlexTalk Linio can also stream the radio station.


However I need the full URL address.


From a station’s web site, I can select “listen live” and this brings up Radio Player controls.

The station plays through a radio player. the URL starts with:


This is not the real URL.


On the web page, the Player controls include:    play and mute.

Also there are buttons for:

   add this station to my Stations

or if I did select “add”

   Remove this station  from my Stations.


This implies that there is a Stations list.

Is it possible to open it and get the full URL?


If not, is there another way?


I’ve heard of programs allowing one to store radio stations for ease of use.

Could they have the stored URL list so one can view it and cut and paste?


Any advice will be welcom, thanks,


Peter T.

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