Microsoft Outlook 2010 crashing issue

John Martyn <johnrobertmartyn@...>

Hi all,
I have tried this in both JAWS 12 and JAWS 13 and it seems that Outlook 2010
crashes quite frequently and locks up JAWS. There seems to be many delays in
the program that cause it to lock up, like sloppy coding for example.
Whenever I reply to a message or start a new one, or just read emails,
Outlook just locks up and I get a long delay followed by JAWS locking up.
Sometimes if I wait long enough and alt tab away I can gain control again,
but most of the time the crash message comes up for outlook. I really like
Outlook because of my several profiles to choose from, but it really bugs me
that this issue happens all the time. I haven't reinstalled Office yet, but
I am not sure that will help. I think JAWS is doing something to lock up
Anyone having these kinds of issues with Outlook 2010?
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
John Martyn

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