moderated Re: Newbie to SAP, difficulty while using with JAWS 2020.

Adriani Botez

Are you working on a citrix environment? In that case you must install jaws both on server and client and use jaws tandem.

Yes I am working with sap on a server / client environment.

Regarding allow scripting on server, probably you will have to contact the sap accessibility team. The settings on server end are not as easy to do. There are some forums on sap webpage about that.


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Am 29.02.2020 um 21:07 schrieb muhammadBilal Arshad <muhammadbilalar@...>:

Dear Adriani, Thanks for your reply. 
Yes, on my machine, I checked (enable) the allow scripting box. 
And yes, its a server/client sap model. I think you're right, server computer is not enable the scripting at their end, and this is the problem.
Because, As I mentioned earlier, before logging in to the server, Jaws behaves very well. But after login, suddenly each and everything goes out of the way.
I will discuss with my administrator on that one. 
are you using/used or/ know anyone who using/used this server/client model or/ any other variant of SAP?
Thanks once again....

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