moderated Re: Microsoft Excel And Filters

muhammadBilal Arshad

I also used the filter a lot at my workplace.
We usually have to sort out the numeric data and filter out some particular values, like zero's etc.
Here what's I use/do:
  • Select the top most row of the data and presses the ctrl+shift+l for filter on/off. Jaws immediately reports the filter state.
  • move to the column where I have to apply the filter, and presses the alt+downarrow there.
  • Now, if I have to remove all of the rows which contains zero value, I move to the number filter submenu and hit enter on doesn't equal....
A edit box displayed which ask me to type the number, I type there 0 (zero) so only those records which doesn't equal to zero are displayed.
The good thing about this filter is that you can use the multiple conditions with it.  
I not tried the text filters with that greater details , But I think they're also works in the similar Fashion.

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