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Adriani Botez

Have you enabled allow scripting in accessibility settings? Note that if your SAP environment work with a server/client connection, the administrators must allow scripting on the servers as well. Not only on the client.


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Betreff: Newbie to SAP, difficulty while using with JAWS 2020.


Greetings to all members…
                           Recently I start working for an accounts office, where most of the day to day business transactions are performed in SAP. For instance, generating pay slips of employees, collecting/sending tax receipts etc.

As per the SAP manual, I configure the accessibility options, screenreader extension is installed, scripting is enable, and using the classic theme. But still JAWS is not supporting with this software.

Although at initial connection setup and log in screen, JAWS works well, yet after logging in it almost stop supporting the application.

For instance, If I open a new document, JAWS cannot read anything with pc cursor. I have to use the jaws cursor all the times. Not only this, even in tables, it cannot read out, in which cell (row/column) currently I’m in, and its headers. And it makes inputting the data into tables almost impossible.

I would like to ask from you that is there any special configuration which I might be missing? I heard that SAP is accessible with JAWS, so there is must be some issue with my installation or with the configuration.

I’m using the SAPGUI 7.4 and the JAWS 2020 Feb release.

Any help from the experienced SAP user or from anyone is appreciated in advance.


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