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O.Addison Gethers

Hi David I'm going to try to see if printer info with openbooks will read dbf file or not!!

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No - JAWS OCR will not be able to read a .DBF because it is a database file - You would need to use a DBF viewer but that may not be accessible.

FYI - a DBF holds more than textual information - Data is stored within the file in an array with multiple records and fields.

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I don't think Sherry knows that a DBF file stands for Data Base Format which holds tectual information. it isn't graphical nore is it a document, so JAWS's OCR won't work to read it.

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Oh smack Mario !! Well I had forward to the email to one of freedom scientific technical support she ask me if I try with OCR then she give me the instruction Have you tried using convenient OCR? Steps below.

1. Open the document and wait for it to process.

2. Press insert spacebar. Afterward press O for COR.

3. Press D for document. Jaws will say, document OCR started. Wait for it to finish and it will automatically start reading.

Sherry Gomes
So that what I did !! When I try without OCR jaws not reading too.

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a dbf file is a database file. I don't think it will work with JAWS's OCR feature.

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Hello All I'm using jaws2019 with window10 desktop computer, this is dbf file when I press enter on the attachment then I press insert + spacebar then letter o for OCR then I press letter d for document then I waited jaws not reading anything yet !! What am I doing wrong in here?


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Hi Christine

Will you please give me the instruction for the new copilot icon you got me that I receive from you today (Thursday) ? Also please tell me what you showed me the button on icon again by power switch I know there is
2 button on top and what is the other 2 button for ? Is it to max and minimum the volume ?



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