moderated Re: does jfw work very well with firefox?

JM Casey

You need at least JAWS 2018 to use Firefox, now, since the advent of Firefox Quantum (version 57 and up). Some people may tell you to use Firefox 52 ESR, but that version is no longer the ESR and is no longer supported with security patches or anything, really. You should really keep your browsers updated moreso than other programmes, since they are always accessing things on the internet, running code etc.


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Hi how are you? I had better success with jaws 18 because I don't think that jaws 16 worked well with firefox!

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Subject: does jfw work very well with firefox?




I am still using Jfw 18, can someone maybe please let me know if jfw works very well or maybe not with firefox? Do I maybe need to install jfw scripts before I am able to use jfw with firefox? Thanks in advance for any help I can get with this.








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