moderated Re: does jfw work very well and very easily with firefox?

Hank William Merchant

Hello back Pramit,

Thanks very much for this quick response email teling me that jfw works very well with firefox without the need to install any scripts, this is really good to hear.

I am still using right now internet explorer, can a person easily using jfw import my favorites bookmarked web site list from internet explorer into instead firefox, I am really hoping I can as I have a fairly long bookmarked web site favorite list in my internet explorer program? Thanks muchly advance for any help I can maybe get on this.

All the best,
Jfw18 user Hank

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From: Pramit
Sent: Friday, February 28, 2020 6:15 AM
Subject: Re: does jfw work very well with firefox?

Hello Hank

JFW works very well with firefox. you don't need to install any jfw
script to use it with firefox.


On 2/28/20, Hank William Merchant <> wrote:


I am still using Jfw 18, can someone maybe please let me know if jfw works
very well or maybe not with firefox? Do I maybe need to install jfw scripts
before I am able to use jfw with firefox? Thanks in advance for any help I
can get with this.

All the best,


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