moderated vmware pro

Marvin Hunkin

Hi, doing a networking course from Now, need a education version of wmare workstation pro. Upskilled doesn’t have a subscription. And did e-mail education services on Monday, they said it would be 2 or 3 days, but been waiting 4 days. Wondering, and vmware doesn’t have a live chat option. So does any one know of a site, where I can get this for free, and want to be legal and have peace of mind. And also did contact vmware, trying to join their communities or register, they have an inaccessible cacture, and no audio option. And gave up, tried 5 or 6 times to type in the sample code, but no go. If this is not the right forum, then maybe point me to a user group, forum, or meetup group, where I can ask this question. Need it for my course, as hyper v manager, when I launch the vm, chrashes speech and there window is inaccessible. And also virtual box, which I tried, kept crhashing or powering off. Any help.


Ps: have tried googling and searching. And so, they said my message got sent and the aus site. Frustrated.


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