moderated Re: focus 40 blue and BARD

Kimber Gardner


I would open the file with wordpad and silence the synth so it isn't
blabbing on and on while you are trying to read.

That's what I used to do anyway. The one problem with this approach is
you won't be able to mark your place unless you actually insert
something into the file. I used to write three asterisks and the words
stopped reading here. That way when you open the book again you will
be able to easily find where you left off reading.


On 2/27/20, Marlo Green <> wrote:
Good Evening

Can someone elighten me on how to use a braille display with
a downloaded bARD book? I downloaded it and the file is there but I'll be
darned if I know how to open it so I can read. Thanks for all the help from
all you experts out here.

Marlo from california


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