moderated Re: Jaws 2020, "Microsoft candidate UI" message - most annoying!

Dan Longmore


  If you are using Windows 10, one of the latest releases, go to


Click on Devices

Tab to list of items

Choose “Typing”

Click or hit enter

Tab once

Now you will see several choices including:

Correct Spelling , Auto fill and other items.

You can turn these on or off with a tap of the space bar.

Once you have made choices close the window.


Hope this helps.



  You may also have some settings in Microsoft Word or Outlook that need similar changes as well .

From: <> On Behalf Of Rayn Darren
Sent: Tuesday, February 25, 2020 12:22 PM
Subject: Jaws 2020, "Microsoft candidate UI" message - most annoying!


HI all,

I appear to be getting a popup of some sort with what I believe is either autocorrect or autofill suggestions when typing. This happens in any application on my PC. I have no idea how it started, why it’s doing it or how to turn it off, but its driving me crazy. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!



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