moderated Re: opening a screenshot with Microsoft outlook 2016

Jason White

Make sure the sender is giving you HTML-formatted mail, or plain text, not the old format that Microsoft Outlook used to generate – I think it was based on RTF.


At least in older versions of Microsoft Outlook (e.g., 2013), it was hard to find attachments in those messages.


With current Microsoft Outlook, it’s Shift+Tab after you open the message.


From: <> on behalf of "John J. Fioravanti, Jr." <fioresq1@...>
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Date: Sunday, February 23, 2020 at 08:07
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Subject: opening a screenshot with Microsoft outlook 2016


Good morning: I'm using Jaws 18 with windows 10. When someone sends me an email in outlook with a screenshot attached, I can't find it with jaws to open it. I have to use my iPhone. Is there a way to find the actual .PNG file with jaws in the body of the email?

Thank you.

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