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Mike B

Hi Nermin,
Here are 2 different ways of doing what you want:
From: Carlos
"Settings Center"
under the
"Web / HTML / PDFs"
category, there is a subcategory labeled
there is a setting labeled
"Indicate Element Attribute"
Unchecking this setting will stop Jaws from saying
Although I would not recommend this since there are times when you will miss
out on elements of webpages that may be useful and are clickable.
From: Mario
how to make JAWS ignore only the announcement of "clickable" without affecting the other elements is to:
browse to a website that has occurrences of "clickable".
start settings center.
find and expand, speech and sounds schemes.
down arrow to and activate modify schemes.
Tab to, Edit scheme, & press the spacebar.
control+tab to html tab.
tab and down arrow to on click speak.
tab and down arrow to ignore.
tab to and activate ok.
at this point, the modified scheme needs to be saved and chosen to when
the browser is used.

Take care.  Mike.  Sent from my iBarstool.

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Sent: Friday, February 21, 2020 6:53 PM
Subject: Clickable

Hi all,
how do I re-enable the announcement of “Clickable” in JAWS 2020?
I’ve tried readjusting the web verbosity setting using the settings centre, but nothing.
The checkbox for “clickable” under medium verbosity is checked, but on that website I am trying to navigate it does not show.
NVDA, however, reads the clickable elements just fine.
It’s about a German TV website, and they use clickable elements to indicate buttons. Less than ideal, but I really need that for the playback controls.
If anyone wants to try, the site is:
I also have an Android device, but that’s beside the point here.
Really want to use my PC with my stereo equipment and save my phone’s battery.
Any ideas?

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