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Reading cell contents of merged cells can be fixed in JAWS for Windows Quick Settings.

1. Open the Worksheet with the merged cells
2. Open JAWS for Windows Quick Settings JAWS KEY-V
3. Insert "Cell Verbosity" without the quotes into the edit field
4. Press DOWN ARROW until focus is on "Cell Verbosity"
5. Press SPACEBAR to toggle the setting to "Content Only"
6. Navigate to and activate the OK button

When you navigate to merged cells, you should now hear only the content. You can switch it back at any time to hear cell coordinates.

I know it says Cell Coordinates and Contents but sometimes the contents don't read and you need to switch it up.

If you have other questions, please feel free to contact me. I'll do my best to help.


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HI List,

I’ve recently been assigned a really complicated budget template to work through for work. It consists of conditional fields, popup fields, and several worksheets. I’m finding that Jaws isn’t reading to me the text within the group of merged cells, but instead is telling me that a coordinate of cells are in a group.

I was wondering if there are any rigorous excel training materials with jaws or one on one trainings that I could explore.’I’m open to suggestions to help me learn this budget template.

Thank you,


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