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Glenn / Lenny

Unfortunately this does not fix the problem.
Although you apparently have considerate coworkers, they will think of you
as the employee who sometimes needs help, and the more we rely on others in
situations like this, the less respect we are given in the workplace.
I recommend that you still do a proposal to your boss for a better solution,
which might be best for everyone.

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Ari, I am very fortunate to be on a good team who is helpful, when things
are not accessible. For today's meeting, I wound up dialing in by phone.
My team did the rest of the visuals.

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Unfortunately, unless something has changed, GTM is really not usable with
JAWS. I missed an event I wanted to attend because of this. I couldn't
even get into it or hear it.
JAWS just seemed as if it wouldn't interact with the interface at all.
Since it's for your work, this is not a great situation, but let's hope
your colleagues will be understanding and make some sort of adjustment for

On 2/20/20, Richard Turner via Groups.Io
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When my agency discovered that the cost was pretty much the same with
Zoom Meeting as it was with Go To Meeting, they switched fairly quickly.
I'd find out what their cost is for how many people, and then get the
price from Zoom Meeting and submit a request.
Even if it were a few dollars more, the fact that it does everything
better than other platforms, even for the sighted, they may decide to
It certainly will not be a "hardship" for them to do it, since Zoom
Meeting is so bloody simple.

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On Feb 20, 2020, at 10:05 AM, Glenn / Lenny <>

I think all employers are always worried that a minority or disabled
employee may file a complaint on such things, so even though you might
not ever do such a thing, I think going to the boss and offering a
better solution would give them reason to switch.
And your boss should let "go to meeting" know that they switched for
reasons of lack of accessibility.
That is the sort of information that will cause software creators to
consider accessibility from the start.

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In practice, how hard is it to get an employer to switch to something
more accessible? I get answers a lot on mailing lists that just say
use something else when something is inaccessible, but you have the
problem of being in the minority if you are blind.

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Absolutely agree with you. Zoom if your company will do it is by far
the best. Beets WebEx as well.

From: Richard Turner
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Subject: Re: GoToMeeting

my agency used to use Go To Meeting. But, they discovered that Zoom
Meeting was about the same price and completely accessible on any
operating system.
I'd encourage your boss to seriously consider Zoom Meeting.
All of the sighted employees like it better as well.

"Reality is the leading cause of stress for those who are in touch
with it."
-- from The Search for Signs of Intelligent Life in the Universe, by
Jane Wagner

On Feb 20, 2020, at 8:39 AM, Milton Ota
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If the Administrator of the conference has enabled you to join the
meeting via a regular phone or the app on an iDevice, your should be
able to join the conference using the meeting ID.

Using the app on an iPhone is very accessible. You will be able to see
who has join the meeting and if they want to all see you when you
talk, you need to have your camera enabled and screen curtin turned
off. You might also want to turn Do Not Disturbed Mode On.


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I need to join an online meeting for work. It is hosted using
GoToMeeting’s customer service said they do not have any information
on using it with JAWS 2019. There was no information on GoToMeeting’s
website either. Have you ever used it? How well does it work?

Thank you,

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