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Walker, Michael E

Thank you, but I need to be able to join from my PC with a screen reader, so I can share my screen during troubleshooting sessions, as part of my job in IT. We do things like log into servers and look at log files. I need to be able to show what I am doing over the conference.


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If the Administrator of the conference has enabled you to join the meeting via a regular phone or the app on an iDevice, your should be able to join the conference using the meeting ID.


Using the app on an iPhone is very accessible. You will be able to see who has join the meeting and if they want to all see you when you talk, you need to have your camera enabled and screen curtin turned off. You might also want to turn Do Not Disturbed Mode On.





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I need to join an online meeting for work. It is hosted using GoToMeeting. GoToMeeting’s customer service said they do not have any information on using it with JAWS 2019. There was no information on GoToMeeting’s website either. Have you ever used it? How well does it work?


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