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Brent Harding

I am wondering how one gets this to work on the web, say, you get an assessment or something where you need to drag and drop to rank items or something of that nature?

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If you simply want to move files from one folder to another, just open the folder with the files, go to the one you want or select multiple files which are next to each other by holding down shift and using the arrow keys, then press Control + X to cut, go to the other folder and press Control + V to paste.

If you have multiple files and they are not next to each other go to the first one, then hold down the control key and arrow down (best to use list view or details view so all the files are in a vertical list), then whenever you get to a file you want to select press the spacebar without letting go of the control key, then arrow down again to the next file. When done repeat the above, control + x to cut and control + v in the other folder to paste.

Drag and drop works on the Windows 10 taskbar very nicely if you want to change the order the icons there are in, but it does not work in all situations where maybe a sighted person can drag and drop with the mouse, but in most cases other keyboard shortcuts like cut and paste will do just the same.



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Trying to learn how to do a drag and drop with JAWS.  I’ve opened a folder with some files in it.  Pressed Control + Insert + Numpad slash and I get that drag and drop and to move the PC cursor, JAWS cursor or touch pad to the location where I want to drop.  When I move to another folder, and press the same keystrokes I get an error JAWS saying the drag and drop isn’t found and it might be covered by another window then the drag and drop action is canceled.


Any ideas what I am doing incorrectly?






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Was wondering if anyone has knowledge if Spark Instant Messenger is compatible with JAWS 2018?


Jim Rinehart

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