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Steve Nutt

Bear in mind though that Outlook 2019 is older than Outlook 365.  2019 tends to “lag”? with updates as well.


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Subject: Re: Jaws 2020 lag with Outlook 365


Hi, The preview option is not the issue. I have OUtlook 2019 with Jaws 2020 with all updates current and Windows 10. Definitely lags


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Subject: Re: Jaws 2020 lag with Outlook 365


Have you tried turning off the preview pane in Outlook?


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Date: Monday, January 27, 2020 at 16:52
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Subject: Jaws 2020 lag with Outlook 365


Hi group,


As I await a response from Vispero support, I’m wondering if anyone is experiencing the following:


I have noticed that the lag while using Outlook 365 with Jaws 2020 is even worse than with Jaws 2019. Arrowing through a message list, Jaws simply stops speaking. I can read the title of the window but that’s it. Then after 3-4 seconds I am able to proceed normally through the list. And it takes about 5 seconds before I can type a reply to a message.

A few months ago I asked about this lag while in a Outlook webinar with the Microsoft accessibility group. They acknowledged the problem but that was about all they said. I can hardly wait to see what Vispero’s take is.


Helpful feedback welcome.


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