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Glenn / Lenny

Sieghard and All,
The security issue is a minor issue, as I think the majority of us know enough to not open attachments that we are not sure of the origin, and the slightly outdated security should still catch 99% of what might be a threat.
On the iMap, yes, it does do iMap as well as POP.
On the Windows 10, I don't know about that, and I recommended it since the request was for something to use in windows 8.

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Glen may like this, but after taking a look at this website and reading the Windows 10 warning I would definitely not recommend using this.
First of all, nobody knows if this has been updated to address all the many security issues which have come up since the Windows XP days. There just are things which are left behind and OE is one of them.
Secondly, does this even support IMAP or Exchange/ accounts or would you be forced to use POP3? For anybody with 2 devices that would be pretty bad.
Lastly, I certainly don't want to reinstall this twice a year after every major Windows 10 update which is what the warning is about, this is from the website:

Information about using OE with Windows 10 or updating to Windows 10
Windows 10 users must know that automatic updates on Windows 10 removes Outlook Express.
Every time a Windows 10 pc performs Major Updates, Outlook Express will be removed and need to be re-installed.
More info about software being removed on Win 10 updates:
Emails are not being removed as far as we know until today, but Outlook Express must be reinstalled and emails must be re-imported.
We have created the automatic restore tool that restores Outlook Express (and emails, accounts e.t.c) back.
For users that have lost OE from win 10 updates, this tool (restores OE back) can be used:
The tool will restore OE back but users must backup their emails before windows 10 major upgrade, for piece of mind.

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Here's the download link for the Outlook Express program:
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I suggest a remastered Outlook Express that works on windows 7, 8, & 10.
It's 20 dollars donation, and it works well.
The seller is named Rafail, and if I find his web site, I'll post it, I
purchased it and I like it.

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Subject: Email Software Suggestions

Hey Everybody,

I am currently using Thunderbird as my email software and lately it's
been getting on my nerves. So, which email software do you all recommend?
I am currently using Windows 8.1 and JAWS 2018. Thanks.

Robbie J. Curtis
"Stay in peace, not pieces!"

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