moderated Re: Jaws silence when copying, pasting, etc.

Adrian Spratt

I sometimes experience this problem as well with JAWS 2020 (latest  release), and the workaround is the same as yours: unloading and reloading JAWS. However, I’ve found on one website, the Guardian newspaper and now the Washington Post, that despite selecting text, I can’t get the copying function to work at all in Chrome, my default browser. My workaround there has been to reopen the website in IE, where control-c works. Today, however, I experimented by closing JAWS 2020 and opening JAWS 2018. This time, I could copy material from the Guardian website. This is a JAWS 2020, and possibly JAWS 2019, problem.


So there are two problems that may or may not be related. Sometimes JAWS gets tired and won’t copy text until you unload and reload it. Separately, perhaps, JAWS won’t allow copying on at least some webpages on two websites.


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What is going on with Jaws not saying: paste, copy, selected, etc.?

Sometimes unloading Jaws and restarting it corrects the problem but at other times it doesn’t.  Tom

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