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Randy Barnett <blindmansbluff09@...>

You may need to reinstall your video card driver. press the windows key and type Device manager. Now in the device manager window tab once and arrow down to display adapters and right arrow to expand the category. now arrow to your video card and press the delete key. In the window that pops up check the box that says remove software and then click OK. Now restart your PC and windows will reinstall the correct drivers for you. then restart your PC and see if you still get the message. if so repair jaws and restart the PC again. if this doesn't work then FS is your only real option.

On 2/17/2020 3:48 PM, Jim Rawls wrote:
I did just that, and still have thse problem. Jim

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YOu may have to completely uninstall JAWS and reinstall it. I think
that's how I got rid of that message. Uninstalled including from the
apps\roaming whatever that is hidden.

Good luck!

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