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I recently set up Office including Outlook with Exchange accounts up on a new PC and had no problems with that login screen or to check the Remember my credentials checkbox.



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My first thought is to call Microsoft Accessibility: 1-800-936-5900

It sounds like Skype may have decided to launch at startup? 

One reason I'd call Microsoft Accessibility is to have them see if there isn't a remember me checkbox that Jaws is missing.

Another thing to try, is to unload Jaws, run Narrator with Windows+control+enter and then launch word and see if there is a remember me checkbox or if it kicks you out of the password after only one character.





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Sometime early last fall I bought a license for Office 2016 for my home laptop.  All was find for several months. Then, after some update in the last, I’d say, 2 months, I now get this pop when launching Outlook that tells me to login.  I can’t recall the exact message.)   Using the password to my main email account and Microsoft store logs me in.  I cannot seem to bypass this login step.  Here are my issues or questions. 


  • Does anyone else get this screen? 
  • This login screen is having issues with JAWS 2019 and 2020.  If I enter forms mode to type my password, I can type the first character, then forms mode turns back off and I have to manually turn it off again to finish the password.  This is a consistent issue. 
  • I’m also just annoyed at this new step and would love to disable it.  I’m not sure what I may have done to trigger it or if this was just an Office update.  I did notice this coincides with now seeing a Skype icon in my System Tray that says I’m logged in, even though I don’t use Skype.  I do not get this screen if I just launch Word or Excel, although I suppose it’s fair to say that I typically launch Outlook first, so maybe I need to go test this from a fresh restart of my computer.


Thanks for any thoughts.


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