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Jim Ruby

Yes it is the way it is being rendered. I like the layout that is
presented in an older browser so I'll just go use that one when I need
to do any admin tasks. It is just a lot faster and cleaner.

On 2/16/20, Majid Hussain <mhussaincov93@...> wrote:
hi there,
it is to do with the user agent that edge uses,
exammple of this can be found
if you use firefox and go to the mobile facebook site
and you are logged in, you will have a different layout compared to if
you were to navigate to m.facebook on chrom or edge.
I hope this helps,
Majid Hussain

On 16/02/2020, James Homuth <james@...> wrote:
I run this group using JAWS 2020 and latest Chrome without much of an
at least last time I had a reason to visit the site.

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Hi all,

For those administrating groups on and using jaws 2020 have you
noticed differences in the ui? for example in the new microsoft edge I
not pull down the your groups menu and using brave I see it, but the
look way different.

Thank you. If this is too off topic please feel free to email me

kind regards,
Majid Hussain

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