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It is very common for software makers to offer annual maintenance plans which give people access to the latest version of their software as well as technical support. Vispero actually has never charged for technical support even for those who don’t maintain a current Jaws SMA and are on the latest version. It is typically of great benefit for software makers to try and get as many people to use their latest software since it makes support easier. If somebody still runs Jaws 17 or Jaws 18 they probably run into issues with Windows 10 which they then call Vispero support to help with, but the issues may not be Jaws issues but simply exist because these older versions of Jaws are becoming increasingly incompatible with Windows 10.

I don’t think it’s wrong at all for Jaws to charge somebody who is still using Windows 7 with Jaws version 15 more to jump to version Jaws 2020 because maybe now their computer died and they had to get a new Windows 10 computer. If they only ever bought Jaws 15 and maybe not even had an SMA to begin with, they are now jumping up 7 versions to Jaws 2020 and others who maintained their SMA helped to pay for the development of this version, they paid Vispero all these years also so Vispero can offer technical support which the Jaws 15 user also may have benefited from.

Vispero is a good sized organization with a number of software and hardware products and I really don’t get it why people continue to think that they should give away what they make for free. They have offices and employees and they incur millions in costs and yet people always compare them to NVDA which is an open-source project. I don’t ever see people complaining about the cost of Microsoft Office whether they buy the retail version or are on the Office 365 subscription nor do I see people comparing to projects such as LibreOffice, Polaris Office or FreeOffice.

I think now that in the US people can get up to speed with the latest version of Jaws for $90 a year with the subscription model that this is a very fantastic offer by Vispero, yes, it may cost $2.50 a month more than maintaining your SMA at $60 a year, but having access to what I call still the best screenreader in the world if you need a screenreader for more then sending an occasional email and browsing the web for $7.50 a month is affordable for pretty much everybody. Many of us pay more for our monthly music or Netflix subscription or other things like a couple of coffees from Starbucks or your favourite local gourmet coffee shop etc. If I really had to choose between having a Jaws subscription or a Apple Music or Spotify subscription because I can only afford one or the other I’d rather listen to free music and have access to Jaws or I’ll skip one or two other extras and if that is still beyond me then there is always NVDA which, by the way, would also no longer be around if they didn’t get some donations. I am sure those who complain about the $5 a month to maintain a Jaws SMA or the $7.50 for the subscription are also not people who donate anything to NV Access, but I’m sure others do because they like NVDA and want to help to offset the costs for servers and such so that the project can continue.





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That may indeed be correct, but it is not fair if true.

If someone decides to live without the latest and greatest for a year, they should be able to get a new jaws for the same price as a new user.

So if they changed their name and address, they can get it for less?

That's wrong.


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That depends on how far behind you are.

If you are on Jaws 2019 and just didn’t have an SMA to upgrade to Jaws 2020 you should be able to buy a new SMA at whatever the price is and it will give you Jaws 2020 and Jaws 2021 this fall.

If you are still on Jaws 2018 you should be able to buy a new SMA and this would entitle you to upgrade to Jaws 2019 and Jaws 2020, of course there is no need to actually install Jaws 2019, you would go straight to Jaws 2020, but at that point your SMA is once again used up and if you want Jaws 2021 this fall you would need to buy another SMA either right away or at the latest by October.

If you are on anything prior to Jaws 2018 like Jaws 18 or even 17, you would have to immediately buy 2 SMA’s to even get Jaws 2020.

Alternatively, if you live in the US you can switch to the Jaws subscription model which is I believe $90 a year, this would entitle you to upgrade right away to Jaws 2020 no matter what version you are on, then you continue to pay $90 each year and this will always entitle you to install and use the latest update.


Having said all this I would highly recommend you speak to Vispero directly at 1-727-803-8600, let them look up your account via the Jaws serial number you have and ask what your options are.

They do also have a toll free number, but I don’t currently have it handy.


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Hi I have one question
If we didn't renew jaws sma then how much price for upgrade

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