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Research with a web search engine is so important to people, and especially us who otherwise have no access to print.
I wonder things all the time, and I am always doing searches.
I'll be watching TV for example, and I get a thought from something I am watching, and I do a search.
Also, I maintain that it is next to impossible to do your own software repair without another computer in the home, because if one can't get on-line with one computer, for whatever reason, you can use the other one to research what might be wrong with the one that isn't working.
I can't imagine having my home page being anything other than my particular search engine.
Also, a  good subject line to a list like this one, is a reflection of what one would do a web search for an answer.
I think many people don't bother to learn the basics of using a web page, even for simple web searches.
I have found that sometimes I have a hard time coming up with the best terms to use in my searches, and I find that as I read the closest results that I found, I can refine my search terms to get even better results.
That is why the Surf's Up link on the FS Jaws training page would help take the fear of using web pages away.

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On Fri, Feb 14, 2020 at 01:09 PM, Kimsan wrote:
although I did not state it, you think I didn’t perform a google search before coming here?
I said nothing, not one thing, about you.

It is abundantly obvious in many, many, many cases that not a finger has been lifted prior to posting to lists, and that, "Perhaps you should consider a web search, first," is an appropriate, and overdue, response.

You're the one who stated, "Defeats the purpose of a mailing list, if 'google it' is always the answer."   That's what I was responding to, as had many questioners spent two seconds web searching and/or searching the group archive they'd have their answer a thousand times over.  That needs to happen more often, not less.

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