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And it will of course depend somewhat on your skill, there are OK scripters and good scripters and then there are the few outstanding ones like Brian Hartgen.

I had somebody write some script for me once (I am not going to mention a name) and I ended up paying him $500 for a rather small script to do one thing in one of my point of sale applications and it only ever worked so-so.

He worked on it for a few hours via Jaws Tandem, can’t remember the exact time, but I certainly did not feel like I got a very good deal. I think if you are starting out you may not be able to charge top Dollar until you made a name for yourself.





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So, I'm actually not a JAWS script developer (at least not yet).  But I wanted to get a feel for the rates.  And I didn't want to assume that $150 was the only rate.

Interestingly enough, I found a firm in the UK that does a lot of JAWS scripting work, and they charge $60 and hour.  They also have a big backlog of work.  They said, they couldn't even start on a JAWS scripting job until April. The firm is Hartgen Consultancy  

Thank y'all for your responses.  In my mind..I'm now thinking that the hourly rate for JAWS scripting is likely between $60 and $150, depending on where in the world you are.  I also realize that the rate could be higher or lower than that...I was just looking for a ballpark number (and I am in the United States).

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