moderated Re: How do I play podcasts with pocket casts on my pc?

JM Casey

I don’t know Pocket Podcasts or what it is or how it works, but have you tried using the jaws cursor/left mouse click? That is often  a solution. Sometimes too you could route the jaws cursor, which is the same as the mouse pointer, to a location on screen and then actaully click the mouse.


If the programme is one of those new Universal Apps that doesn’t actaully work with the JAWS cursor, the touch cursor might do what you need – I haven’t a lot of experience with that as I tend to avoid those apps. There is a new cursor in JAWS that is supposed to replace JAWS cursor in some apps called the Scan cursor, but as I am not using JAWS 2020, I am not really sure how it works.


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Sent: February 11, 2020 1:35 PM
Subject: How do I play podcasts with pocket casts on my pc?



Use pocket casts, & love it!

However, I’m having an issue where I can’t manage to click on episodes of podcasts to play.

How do I do this with jaws 2020?





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