moderated Re: Avoiding that "open parent document" button in Adobe.

Don Mauck

Tim, you can change it in the Window settings App.

You might need to do a search in the Apps search box for “default”, chose Default Files. There are a lot of extensions in the group, but you can tab until you finally  get to PDF. The default will be Edge, press inter then find your choice and press inter.


Usually you can highlight a file, press the applications key and look for “open With,” but I didn’t see it on the PDF file I chose.


From: Tim Ford <ttford@...>
Sent: Tuesday, February 11, 2020 4:24 PM
Subject: Avoiding that "open parent document" button in Adobe.


Hi All,


When I am using Internet Explorer and press on a link that goes to a PDF document, it opens with only a button to “open parent document”.  Try as I might, nothing happens, and I cannot get to the document.  The type of link is one where it does not give me the option of saving the target. 


How can I set things up so I either get the option of opening or saving, or that the document opens with Adobe.



Tim Ford


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