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aad leeflang <aad@...>

i havd just unplugged my usb keyboard and linked it to another usb port
and now the problem does not occur.
it could be the effec of unlinking and linking the keyboard or because
of a diffedrent usb port.
i have usb 3 and usb 2 ports on this machine although i don;t know if
that matters in this case.
any way thanks for your help.
On Sat, 8 Feb 2020 15:28:05 +0000
"Richard Turner" <> wrote:

Have you tried a different keyboard?

That sounds like the minus key on the numpad is getting activated at random.


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Subject: Re: enoing problem in jaws

hello marten
yes i am still using becky.
it allso happens in other programms for example in notepad.
and it allso heppens while i am typing.
sometimes it says jaws, sometimes it says "invisible"
so it is not only accuring duringthe enter keystroke.

On Sat, 08 Feb 2020 14:54:32 +0100
"Marten Post Uiterweer" <> wrote:


I think the program you are writing the message in is doing something
so jaws thins that it must go to the virtual pc cursor. Instead of
enter, try shift-enter.

The mail-program you are writing your message in, is that still Becky
Do you have this problem in other programs too?>

Regards, Marten

On Sat, 08 Feb 2020 13:50:15 +0100 "aad leeflang" <> wrote:

hello marten,
no i allso have this when i write this mail to you and press enter
to create a new line.
my pc says than: jaws and i have to switch it nanually back to pc.
i allso had this in jaws 2019 so it does not have to do with jaws 2020.
all the best

On Sat, 08 Feb 2020 12:53:40 +0100
"Marten Post Uiterweer" <> wrote:


Do you have this only on webpages?

What browser are you using?

Regards, marten

On Fri, 07 Feb 2020 16:57:16 +0100 "aad leeflang" <> wrote:

hello all
in jaws 2019 and allso in jaws 2020 i often run into the problem
that while typing a message or doing some work on my pc the pc
cursor jumps to the jaws cursor.
for instance when i write a meesage and give an enter to the
next line i hear myh speech say "jaws" and i have to press the
numeric + to get back to pc.
does anyone has the same and if so how to deal with this, for
this is verry disturbing.
aad leeflang <>

aad leeflang <>

aad leeflang <>

aad leeflang <>

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