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David Goldfield <david.goldfield@...>

Hi, Sieghard.

I think what the original questioner wanted to know was how to disable the sound that you hear when the autocomplete list is generated but not how to disable Outlook's autocomplete feature, which I agree is extremely useful. I personally find that particular sound to be extremely jarring and harsh on my ears, particularly when I use a headset. I believe this sound is from JAWS and not from Outlook and I personally find it annoying. I don't believe there is a setting to disable that particular sound from within Quick Settings and there really needs to be. The various sounds are located in the folder

C:\ProgramData\Freedom Scientific\JAWS\2020\Settings\enu\SOUNDS

and there are two Outlook autocomplete sound files, one for start and the other for end. A user could substitute their own sound files for the defaults, ensuring that they properly rename them back to the original names of the files to ensure that they still work. It is likely that deleting these files without replacing them would just result in no sounds at all without breaking the Outlook scripts but I haven't tried it to verify.

David Goldfield,
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On 2/8/2020 1:04 AM, Sieghard Weitzel wrote:

Not sure why you wouldn’t want auto-complete, I use it all the time since mostly I just have to type a few characters of the person’s name and then I can arrow if necessary to find the person.

But to turn it off just go to File > Options, go to the Mail category and then tab about 40 times, if you don’t want to tab that much you can also press Alt + G when you are on the Mail category.

But of course if you do tab through all these options, you get to know what they are and it’s always good to know where things are and what you can change/customize.


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When I’m typing an e-mail, in the to field, jaws will play a sound that indicates recent people you’ve contacted. Is there a way to turn this off, and where do I find it?



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