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Mike B.

I wonder if the virtual cursor isn't turned on for all applications.  Here's something you can try. While in any application, hold down the Insert key and tap the, Z, key twice quickly.  What you want to hear is, the virtual cursor will  be turned on for all applications.  If you hear, the virtual cursor will be turned off for all applications, do the keystroke, Insert + Z twice quickly, to toggle it to on for all applications.

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I've never run across this. Which keyboard layout are you using?

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On Feb 7, 2020, at 5:57 PM, aad leeflang <aad@...> wrote:

hello all
in jaws 2019 and allso in jaws 2020
i often run into the problem that while typing a message or doing some
work on my pc the pc cursor jumps to the jaws cursor.
for instance when i write a meesage and give an enter to the next line i
hear myh speech say "jaws" and i have to press the numeric + to get back
to pc.
does anyone has the same and if so how to deal with this, for this is
verry disturbing.
aad leeflang <aad@...>

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