moderated Re: help with a website searching for bus directions and routes using jaws for windows version 2020

Jim Fettgather

They are using Google Maps, which can be navigated with reasonable
accessibility on the computer with Jaws. You must, absolutely must,
turn off the virtual cursor with Insert Z.
Hundreds or perhaps thousands of municipalities are using Google Maps
for their transit directions, and it is truly somewhat navigable with
Jaws, but you must turn off the virtual cursor when in Google maps and
use the tab key to move around within Google Maps.

On 2/6/20, Richard Turner <> wrote:
From a quick check, they are pushing the Transit app for smart phones, which
is quite accessible on Android or iOS.
And, they are also using Google maps, and I've not found that overly useful
on a computer, though to be honest, I only use my iPhone for transit
Where I live, we have several choices of apps, all of which work well.
I've not found many transit systems web sites to be very accessible.

I think I would point out to them that they need to follow the guidelines
for web accessibility which they can find easily if they want to.
Given all the successful law suits lately about web accessibility, it seems
like they might get the hint if enough people contact them.
Good luck,
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On Feb 6, 2020, at 9:03 AM, Kimsan via Groups.Io
<> wrote:

I was asked here at work to write up an email to send off to the local
transit center explaining the inaccessibility of the website. At least for
me, the part that isn’t accessible using jaws is the planning for a trip
part on the website.
So, for those that do not understand my question, here is the scenario.
Student A needs to navigate to, from the top of the
page, press E twice and will land on a starting address edit field, tabbing
once will place you in the ending address and the rest is an edit box to
select date of travel and time of travel whether if it’s AM etc. Then there
is a plan trip button to press spacebar on.
On the next screen, select mode of travel, so from the top press A until
arriving to the group of radio buttons. In this case I selected transit.
From here, the only way somewhat to get a clear reading is to route jaws to
Can someone here successfully get transit directions using this site, before
I write to the department? If not, how would I properly explain the
inaccessibility. I mean, do I just say, your map doesn’t work with jaws for
windows? 😊
Thank you for any help and suggestions.

Thank you,
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