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Tom Lange

Good one. Makes sense to me.


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JFW Listers,

I sent this out to the address

I wanted to let them know how I felt about ResearchIt and the way they were
implementing fixes to it. If you feel so inclined to send them similar
suggestions, I think they need a little adjustment to their strategy.

My message:

I was momentarily using my copy of JAWS 12 and went to use ResearchIt. It
occurred to me that when using a backdated copy of JAWS, some of the
ResearchIt fixes carried in later updates were not there.

Since ResearchIt is so impacted by underlying web sites to work properly, it
is by nature something that will need to be updated and patched
frequently -- quite similar to the scripts we all use in JAWS.

So my question/suggestion is this: For the benefit of those who are not
current, and in keeping with the capability of scripts to be updated
irrespective of the version being used, why aren't ResearchIt patches
released separately so that they can be applied to any version of JAWS that
shipped with ResearchIt? That seems to make sense from two perspectives:

1. Customers are not forced to be stuck with a non-functioning ResearchIt
when their only recourse is to pay for an update to a newer major version,
2. Freedom Scientific need not roll out an update simply due to a need to
patch ResearchIt, thus allowing separate development of patches to follow
their own release schedule.

Please give this some consideration.

Dave Carlson
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