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as I understand, the new Edge won't be pushed to your computer,and you'll have to go and get it from just select the appropriate one.

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Date: Wednesday, February 5, 2020, 12:16 PM
Subject: Which version of Edge?
Thanks.  Version 44- and no update waiting yet. I did learn from the
Moore tutorial that alt-X brings up the menu- but there is not an
‘about’ topic under Help to provide version information. Seems like a
lapse on MicroSoft’s part.


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Insert control V, like victor is the JAWS keystroke to say the version
of the app that is running.

Make sure you are in edge when you do this.


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*Subject:* Which version of Edge?

Could not find out how to activate any menus in EDGE or think of any
other way to find out which version is currently running. Thanks for help 😉


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